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How many times do we see on the TV news parents not quite understanding or knowing what their son/daughter is doing in their bedrooms on their computer/IPad etc. There is no doubt that the Internet has been compared as an invention, to be one of the most powerful tools modern day man/women has. As most of you know the Internet is FREE with NO governing body, plus the learning of information in all areas can be accessed through many different search engines and websites. It is an invaluable tool when it comes to learning right across the ages, from senior citizens to children, however, the protection needed for our children today has never been greater. It is a well- known fact that there is a dark side to the Internet which we need to protect our children from at all costs.

I strongly believe that in our society some of the information and websites that are accessible if not protected by the parents can lead the younger generation into areas which would be considered by many to be extremely damaging, not only graphically but informatively. As the owner of Tri Computer Solutions & Network Systems, I feel it is essential for today’s children to be protected as much as possible from certain material which in my view carries the possibility of damaging them in such a way it can leave psychological and physical harm for their future.

Please feel free to call me, especially regarding this area of security. We can put free software on your system to give you the capabilities of controlling what content can be viewed.