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Disaster Recovery

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What is ‘disaster recovery’? “This is to be avoided at all costs”. Disaster recovery would not be the normal “I’ve lost a document” situation even though that may be a pain, a disaster recovery is when the systems may crash, whether that be a server or a local PC, stand alone or on a network. This of course would be considered a disaster because:

• Have we lost all the data generated on that pc/server?

• Is it possible to repair the operating system on that pc/server?

• Can we get it back?

TCSNS is proud to say that we have never lost company business data on any of the machines we look after, servers and pcs. We are very conscious of business/private data, whether it be simple things such as the private user’s holiday photographs or company’s highly sensitive information, which must be kept for legal reasons for a number of years.

The simple strategy that we employ is GOOD, ROBUST BACK-UP SYSTEMS which must be adhered to for all the above to be as reliable as possible.