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Broadband Supply and Connection

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The days of the 56k dial-up modem system, (for those that remember) are seldom seen today. Broadband is here, whether it be ADSL (“Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line”) piggybacking on the BT copper wire network, or cable, sometimes known as Fibre Optic, or even satellite (very fast) is the technology of today for communications. Many private and business users use ADSL in most cases. TCSNS can offer broadband as an agent of an ADSL supplier. Furthermore, this helps when designing and configuring networks in general as we always use a static IP address. Without complicating matters, this gives the user a more reliable connection and less chance of broadband downtime.

We have many customers who have migrated their accounts from some of the giants who promise you broadband at a very low cost, only to find that after signing a yearly contract, you are stuck with not only a slow connection but a connection which is intermittent and to cap it all, very hard to get the help and support needed. TCSNS can offer broadband and all the hardware, such as Wi-Fi routers and firewalls in order for you to have the most reliable connection we can give.