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When building a house it is extremely important to make sure you discuss with your architect and builders that the foundations must be designed to be strong, robust and reliable or the house falls down! This theory is a well proven one and applies to the IT industry. The network infrastructure that we provide is a very important point before we even begin to think about using computers.

One of the key factors when TCSNS designs a network is scalability – the capability for the business to grow. Having this in place pays dividends in the long-term. An example of this would be a simple print device, instead of plugged into a pc somewhere on the network with a USB connection, which in many ways can cause issues. The printer would be connected as a resource for all to use across the network.

Computers on a network can also share various resources of company data which would be stored on a designated system known as a server. This can be a standard Windows 7 Pro Box or a Windows 8 Box. In larger business networks it would be recommended that we use a domain controller. This would be run as a single sign-on system for all computers so that security is increased to protect the company data.