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SBS 2008/2011 – COMING TO AN END

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We have been working with Small Business Server (“SBS”) for many years and found it to be a very good package which allows the small business to have a corporate front as far as their IT infrastructure is concerned. SBS came with 2 major applications, Microsoft Exchange and Sharepoint, which some of you will know, allows all users on the network to have their own mailbox within the domain. Unfortunately Microsoft will withdraw support after 2018. This may change but we will have to wait and see.

So, what’s the alternative for the small business???

TCSNS is proud to be acknowledged as a partner with Kerio Technologies and can offer a centralised email server system substitute to Exchange server. The ability to use a work group server such as a stand-alone WINDOWS 7 PRO BOX of reasonable specification with a Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 machine with Kerio Connect application which is supported by Kerio Technologies.

This can be used as a Microsoft Exchange substitute to give the users their own mailbox, either web based (i.e. mobile devices) for accessing from anywhere with an internet connection, or locally based using Kerio Connect Technologies in conjunction with Microsoft Outlook.

TCSNS has done some price comparisons between these two email server applications and found that there can be a saving of up to 60% in initial costs of both software and hardware.